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Hi, I'm Samuela


I'm Samuela, and I strongly believe in the uniqueness of every individual. I want to encourage every woman to embrace herself for who she truly is, to feel confident, authentic, and unique in her own journey.

As an image consultant, makeup artist, and NLP coach, my goal is to make you feel good about yourselves, helping you accept your uniqueness and achieve your goals.

I firmly believe that each of us possesses a unique beauty, and my job is to help people appreciate it. In 2016, I made a courageous decision to change my life and pursue my dreams. I attended the MUD Studio Milan (Make Up Designory) and in 2018, the KETS Make Up Academy in Zurich, where I obtained a diploma in special effects and participated in MasterClasses with renowned international makeup artists. Subsequently, I enriched my professional background with training as an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist at the Italian Image Institute in Milan. I continue to constantly update my skills through courses, workshops, and further studies because I firmly believe that in our field, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

In 2024, I achieved an important milestone by obtaining a diploma in NLP coaching, which allows me to provide more comprehensive support and personal development to my clients.

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